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Ring-billed gulls enjoying Christmas Day 2016
"Gulls just wanna have fun!"

Photography: Stephen Talabac
Post Processing: Stephen Talabac

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Guestbook for Wilde Lake Gulls
These are wonderful, Steve!
John Petro(non-registered)
These are absolutely the best gull photographs I have ever seen anywhere! I like that you have such dramatic photographs of a bird that is considered to be rather boring and a nuisance. You've shown that they too can be athletic, sleek, and in fact rather majestic. You've also demonstrated, yet again, your superb talents as a wildlife photographer. I am glad the eagles were resting that day - I've seen plenty of photographs of eagles engaged in such activities - yes many great ones were from you, Steve. I did not know gulls could perform likewise. These are unique and outstanding.
Kathryn Evans(non-registered)
Amazing pictures, breathtaking!!
Paul Biederman(non-registered)
Some really magnificent images!
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