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Created 10-Jan-14
Modified 10-Jan-14
Each winter, hundreds of thousands of Snow Geese migrate south thousands of miles from their summer breeding grounds on the arctic circle tundra to spend the milder winters along the mid-Atlantic coast. Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware is a favorite stop where they can rest and feed.

In early December, large numbers of Snow Geese started to arrive at the expanse of marshlands adjacent to Broadkill Beach (on
Delaware Bay).

Lift-offs are especially exciting to witness. No matter how many times I've seen one, it's always an amazing experience to witness the sight and to hear the sound of several thousand Snow Geese suddenly explode in wave after wave
off the marsh, launch themselves into the twilight colored sky, circle once or twice high above, and then effortlessly glide back into the safety of the marsh guided by multiple invisible landing patterns.
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