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Teton sunsets are spectacular. Occasionally, in the late afternoon, gray, turbulent clouds bring short-lived rain showers. The moisture laden air rises forming clouds over the Teton summits and spills over the peaks. Then, in slow motion, they begin a silent, tumbling avalanche of ground-hugging fog down the mountain side. Occasional breaks in the clouds provide opportunities for the late afternoon sun to break through and, for fleeting moments, sublime crepuscular rays will light up the valley floor as if they were diffuse stage lights. Continually pushed by strong wind currents aloft, the cloud clusters inevitably reform, and the magical rays of light fade and then vanish only to reappear moments later through a new break in the gray clouds. Then, as if giant stage spotlights were turned on, the valley floor is once again momentarily illuminated with directed beams of light.

This photograph, "Sublime Teton Sunset", was selected as a Finalist by Outdoor Photographer magazine for their 2015 American Landscape photography contest.

​I would like to thank Diana for her superb post processing of this spectacular sunset with crepuscular rays streaming between the Teton summits early one evening during our fall vacation.

The photograph has been posted to Outdoor Photographer magazine's web site and has been published in OP's 2015 American Landscape photo book awarded to the contest winners and finalists.

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